Posted 21st Dec 2022
Im looking for a Laptop for uni work/general round the house use meeting calls with head sets. Starting in the new year. I want a decent size screen and it to be quick i rather like HP/Lenovo my budget is £700ish any help.from you out there would be much appreciated thanks
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    So far, you've said Uni work, online meetings, HP or Lenovo, and a £700 budget. Well, any laptop from a mainstream retailer at that price meets those needs!

    Have a bit of a think, read other threads, maybe visit a store, and make a shortlist.

    You could start here and I suggest skip most of the technical details - concentrate on the screensize and which of the examples would suit you best. (edited)
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    Have you tried search? This is a common question, so a bit of reading and you'll be able to get a shortlist.
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    Hi thanks for the reply decent graphics would be good decent screen size and storage also does anyone reccomend a good antivirus as well
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    Adam do you think 8GB RAM and 512GD storage will be enough for general uniwork and meeting with windows 11 home sorry to be a pest iv no idea about specifications etc
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    yes https//ww…774

    I just bought a tablet PC from them and they did a good job of setting it up.
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    Did they put office and everything on for you pal
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