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    Need some help for assisting my sister in buying a laptop for uni. I remember how hard and tiring it was when i did all the research 4 years ago!! All my knowledge from back then is redundant now - how fast tech moves!

    She only really needs it for internet/email/word processing etc but obviously want a reliable make. Budget £330-400

    Anyway, she needs it in the next 7 days really so think ordering off Dell/Play is out of the question. However, seen this on comet website for £399...…ion

    Would she be far off wrong with this?

    Or any other recommendations?

    Kind regards



    Original Poster

    Any more thoughts on this.....

    Or this one:…ion

    Or this Dell from PCWorld:…id=

    It has to be bought today you see so any instore offers/recommendations would be much appreciated

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