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Found 29th Dec 2017
Hi all,

Looking for some recommendations, and appreciate this may not be possible but looking for a good laptop with the below spec (or there abouts) on a budget. I'm pretty tech savvy but so much has changed since my last laptop I'm a bit out of touch for what's good.

Budget: prefer to pay £500 or less but up to £600 for one that ticks all the boxes.

15.6" screen or higher (touchscreen a bonus but not essential - contrary to most people complaining about them I use it a lot at work as a compliment to a mouse - good for scrolling between big documents)

SSD preferably 256gb (bonus if has say a 500gb or 1tb HDD too)

Windows (well you can't get an Apple under my budget anyway)

Good processor, in my head this is around 2.5ghz or higher - not sure the thoughts on these ones with turbo boost up to c. 3.0ghz with a base c. 1.5ghz. Good cache too.

Ram would prefer minimum of 4gb (but 6 or 8 is obvs better) preferably with option to upgrade for future proofing.

Decent graphics card, not looking for gaming, want to do photo editing mainly but if it could play a few lower end games it'd be good

SD card reader, a few usb 3.0s and the odd usb 2.0 or so (need about 3 in total), dvd/rw or similar preferred but not essential these days.

Hdmi useful, decent keyboard (with the number pad a bonus)

Can't think of anything else right now, that's enough to keep those not at work and bored in the post Christmas lull entertained!

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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