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Posted 18th Feb

Was hoping someone could help out with a laptop recommendation as I'm useless at this stuff and extremely indecisive. I've broken down my priorities in the hope that I can find my perfect laptop

Priority 1 - a laptop that can run football manager 2020 and beyond at a high performance level for at least the next 4-5 years. I'd like to be able to select 8-10 countries to load all leagues on and use a huge database.

Priority 2 - size, durability and mobility - something slim and portable, sleek design and will last for at least 5 years.

Priority 3 - ssd size/upgradability. I'd like something with a decent sized ssd to begin with or at least the possibility of adding to it with ease. same with ram.

Priority 4 - screen quality - dont know much about this to be honest, but I'll probably be watching movies and tv semi regularly so a decent screen would be appreciated but not top priority

Priority 5 - also not a major thing but it would be a bonus if it could also handle other gaming for the next couple of years on medium settings.

Price wise I'm fairly flexible but it would take a deal of amazing proportions for me to go past £650, though ideally I'd like to get the cheapest possible that hits my first couple of priorities.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Something using a 15W APU seems like your best bet if you are wanting something slim and portable.

The new Ryzen 4000 series laptops are due out very soon and sound like a nice fit, something like the 4500U/4600U would be ideal.
Stretch your budget and get any macbook.

Brilliant machines and will easily last the 4 years you want and beyond.
Step 1 - Find out the hardware requirements for Football Manager - minimum and ideal.
Step 2 - take a look on the currys website for laptops that meet these requirements and your budget.
Step 3 - Visit a showroom to see the shortlist you have selected. You will be looking at the screen for 5 years and pressing the keys for the same period - look and feel is so important. Take a couple for a test drive. Its just like buying a car.
Step 4 - Shop around for your revised shortlist.
step 5 - take no notice of recommendations for specific machines from anyone - GOYA…nts (Game 'minimum' specs)

Just find something above the min spec as a start. FM2020 is not really a struggle for most modern lappy's in all fairness. For longevity, 8GB Ram min (you can always add more) and perhaps a small/med size SSD for O/S + a larger HDD for game/storage. Ryzen 5 or Intel i5 (or larger) processor. If you want to watch movies etc. the screen will most likely be HD anyway but also consider IPS for better viewing angles etc.

If you want some 'grunt' for your money and don't mind 'refurbished' then this is right on the cusp of your budget but is a worthy contender for future gaming:

Ebay/Argos - £645.99 -…716

4 left (apparently). Maybe keep an eye for any codes that might pop up to reduce the price?

If you search HUKD, there are a few laptops posted recently for circa £500 which would still do an adequate job. Some are only 14" so if you can put up with a smaller screen they are slim, light and portable.

Also, if you have the 'nuggets' to deal with Very, then this is available at the mo:

£429.99 (or less perhaps with a code):…091

Graphics are it's weakest link but then the price reflects that. It'll still do the job but you won't be playing any AAA games on it at blistering framerates!

Anyhoo, good luck on your laptop search. I hope you can get something you're happy with.

Regards, Phsy.
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