Laptop recommendations

    I've been asked by a work colleague to recommend them a laptop for work use.

    They want a 15" screen, i5 Processor and it must be lightweight.
    Work is paying so budget is not a massive constraint, but nothing overly extravagant.

    Most of all it must be reliable and well built.

    Was looking at a Dell XPS 15, which seems to fit the bill perfectly, but £1200!

    Any recommendations please?


    Have a look at HP Spectres. They are fairly decent and VERY lightweight laptop but can range on the high price, around £1200 as well...
    X2's are on the cheaper side.

    Depends on what it is going to be used for honestly. Any intense video editing, gaming, art work etc?

    15" and lightweight don't go together.
    The XPS 15 is 1.78kg+
    If you down size to 13.3" you drop a lot of weight and cost
    Like the i5 zenbooks which sell for around the £700-£800 mark and only weight 1.2kg

    Hell you can pickup 13.3" hp probooks with i5's for sub £500 and they weight 1.5kg.

    If it needs to be lightweight for portability get a 13.3" laptop and buy a 21" or bigger screen for their work desk and/or home office.

    Lightweight and well built is the definition of an expensive laptop. Especially if you want the more powerful HQ processor like the XPS 15 instead of the normal U series.

    If you're willing to go slightly smaller and slightly heavier you can pick up the Thinkpad T460p upgraded with 8GB of memory, a 256GB SSD and the biggest battery for £995.99 at the moment:…0p/

    Original Poster

    Yes, I did say she should look at 13" instead of 15" but she wants the larger screen.
    I will look at the above suggestions.

    Thanks all.
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