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Posted 30th Jun 2020
Hi all,

After a 14/15” laptop with a decent processor and 8gb ram.

Will be used for when travelling for work so remote login gaming.

After something reliable, fast and light

What would people recommend? Thanks
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I would recommend going to place like Currys/PC World and trying out those within your budget. The keyboard and screen is so important. As for remote login, to be the most reliable you are looking for an in-built 4G LTE SIM coard or an equivalent add-on dongle. Unless, you want to trust public wifi.

During your visit make a shortlist of 3; jot down all the specs and price and then research for a better deal on-line.

Would you seriously buy a car on the strength of a recommendation in here? If so, then buy a Lenovo/Dell/HP business laptop that matches your budget - not some cheap laptop intended for home use.

Oh and if you are an employee get your employer to specify/purchase/fund. And if self-employed offset it against tax.
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For your needs, you can get a great laptop for about £550-£650 - there are plenty of deals posted on here.
Main things to look for:

Brand: Dell/Lenovo/Huawei
Build: All metal, avoid the plastic builds
Processor: Intel i5 or higher. AMD, I'm not sure what the latest model numbers are. But ones released this year are quite good.
Storage: Only buy SSD - this will be the main factor in everyday speed (Startup, application load times etc.)

Personally, I think the Lenovo and Huawei offerings are great value
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