Laptop Recommendations (I know this has been asked before) but ..

    Our current Laptop is on its last legs, so looking for another one .

    The other half is looking at Reconditioned Laptops for about £200 but I dont really trust these, so prefer to buy New. We have about £300 to spend but all we need is;

    Min 1gb RAM
    Min 40gb HD
    DVD RW
    Windows XP - Not Vista

    Will be used for the normal surfing, emails, ms office, web design and watching the odd DVD.

    Recommendations Please. Rep for the best!


    My local ASDA was doing an Acer 53XX series one for £254 or £274 or something like that!! looked great for the price!!

    I have a dell x300 with xp pro and office 2007 and photoshop cs3 with 2 docking bases with dvd-rw a dell mouse and a large battery the spec of the laptop is
    screen 12.1 inch
    250gb HDD
    1GB ram
    this was about £2500
    about £330 ONO

    I'll put pics up 2nite if you want..…025
    £299 and free delivery.. just google on how to add winxp!!

    other wise [url][/url] have some good winxp laptops for £249 or something!!

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    Haider, how old is this laptop... and if under 1yr do ya have a receipt of somesort

    there is a decent tosh for £350 that has vista business so you can donwgrade legally to xp pro on it. A litle over budget but a decent notebook…736

    or you can get a recon Dell Inspiron 530 Dual Core 1.6Ghz witha 3 yr warranty from rdc for £235 with a 3 yr warranty. goto…h=4 and do a search for dell and it's on page 3

    Its just come off Warranty; its about three years old but I updated ram and HDD a month and a half ago I might be able to get a reciept of proof of purchase as my dad got it through work. so I think he does but its great condition lovely laptop just upgraded to a macbook as its slightly bigger and more of a desktop/portable machine

    Get back to me.. as I'm going to put it up on ebay as it is a 5p listing day today.

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    Get back to me.. as I'm going to put it up on ebay as it is a 5p listing … Get back to me.. as I'm going to put it up on ebay as it is a 5p listing day today.

    that may be your best options. £330 ono is way to much to pay for a 3 yr old (even if updated recently) laptop. PC World are selling new from £299 which would probably be want Im looking for.

    Why not try selling it on here (no fees at all!)

    True.... Which I may try I mean even though I really never used the laptop as I had a Vaio but yeah I may do thanks though repp added
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