Laptop recovery disks not working - what do I do?

Trying to sort DSs compaq presario old laptop out but the rocovery disks are just not doing it at disk 2 it tells me error and to eject disk. What can I do to get everything back on?


What Compaq Presario do you have? I have one myself. You should have a recovery link in Programs. (Start, Programs).

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its a 2500 doesnt even get to start screen just shuts its self off - has done it a few times before and Ive had to use recovery disks to get it back on, just wont do it this time.

OK. Mine is a different model, so my discs wont work. You could try going to ] to see if there is an answer.

try putting the disk in another machine and copying contents to hdd, this may highlight an error on the disk(scratch?) it's self in which case you will need to get another copy. sometimes diff drives can manage to read the disk so you may be able to burn another copy and use that.
Could be cd rom is on its way out

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No wont do it, think it must be disk, they are no longer available either - just great!

it's no biggy you will just need to download all the drivers off compaqs web site and do a manual install using a copy of OS, license number will be on a sticker on bottom of lappy so just takes a bit longer
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