Laptop recovery help needed please

My neighbour just brought in his Evesham laptop which he bought second hand a while ago, it's been working fine until last night. When it starts all that's visible is the wallpaper, no taskbar, Start button, clock etc. I've tried right clicking everywhere but absolutely nothing happens. The mouse cursor is moving as normal.

It's running Windows XP Home Edition.

Rep added for any advice.... thanks.



Sounds like explorer.exe is corrupt or missing (though this is hard to achieve).

Boot the laptop till you get to just the wallpaper then hold Ctrl + Shift + Esc, task manager should pop up. Go to File->New Task then type "explorer" (without quotes).

Report back what happens :).

Check for Adware and viruses.

Also try opening in safe mode

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Thanks guys, will try these now.

Rep added for you both! :thumbsup:

switch on laptop and start tapping f8 key until you get the start up menu and boot into safe mode. If xp cannot get into safe mode then Windows is definitely corrupt and will need reinstalling.
If it is able to boot into XP then you can try doing a system restore to revert back to previous config before Windows was corrupt ie when it was last known to boot properly. System restore is located in Accessories -> System Tools on your start menu.
Also you could try last known good configuration which may work.

Some laptops store a recovery in a partition. If you see F11 at boot up, press it.

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Thanks again guys! Working perfectly now. :thumbsup:

What was the issue and what fixed it?
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