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    I am thinking of reformatting my Laptop due it becoming very sluggish! However it first came with XP then I was offered the Vista upgrade which I took. Was fast at first but now wanted to reformat but still have Vista (I know Vista is kinda buggy but I still want it!) lol Any ideas how to reformat as I only have the Vista Upgrade discs?

    Also if I use the F10 key onj startup will it take it back to XP or Vista?

    Hope to hear from you soon


    ReloaD XP and then use the Vista upgrade disks.

    If your recovery partition is working (F10), it will take it back to the condition it shipped in which will be XP - it shouldn't take long as it simply restores an image, once that's done you can use the Vista upgrade disc to get back to Vista.

    Once you get Vista installed with your drivers and software (before your data is copied over) I'd recommend taking an image using something like Acronis - this allows you to go back to this state any time you want rather than having to rebuild the machine.


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    Thanks for the advice guys! But I just tried to do that but F10 no longer works it seaid something about Vista then after that normal boot up resumed.

    Any ideas?

    sorry i llost the track. correct me if i am wrong you want to format your hdd and install vista again?right?
    did you tried defragment your hdd etc.
    i am not sure formating hdd and reinstalling is going to help you in any way unless you have loads of software / services running and you want to get id of them.

    Yea, I agree with above .

    There plenty you can do before reformatting - that should be a last option

    Get CCleaner , (its free) and it will clean out all the junk from internet/old logs etc
    Get adaware 6 or higher (also free)- this will clean all the adware off your PC
    Defrag all your drives

    If you have never done these youll be amazed at all the junk they will find and how fast your PC will be afterwards:w00t::w00t::w00t:
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