Found 19th Oct 2008
Just need a bit of advice please. My old laptop has a couple of things wrong with it and wondered if it is worth fixing or throwing in the bin.
1. Spilt a little bit of cider on keyboard and now the letter "p" dont work.
2. When I turn the laptop on screen flickers then goes to dark to see.
Any advice would be very helpful.

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Sell it on detailing the faults and put the cash towards a new laptop.

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Already got me one. Cant do without it. Was gonna get it fixed to sell on but if it costs to much might as well bin it. It has a few personal things on there that i would have to wipe off but cant as the screen is to dark.

the keyboard fault is easy, you can simply spray the keyboard with isopropanol and work the key a few times. it sill usually stop sticking.

the screen fault sounds like either the backlight or more likely the keyboard buttons sticking again.
if it were mine i would remove the keyboard and give it a good clean.

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Thanks.I did that a few weeks ago and noticed under the letter p there seemed to be a dark patch as if it were burnt, stained or something.
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