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Found 13th Jul 2007
Hi Chaps,

I really really need some kind of guide for repairing an old time A520 K7 laptop, I have search the internet and can only find simple guides for replacing the hard disk etc, I want to replace the old power jack and I cant figure out how on earth to open the thing!

Or if someone can explain what order to dismantle it in would be great!

(OR even a good PC Repair forum)

Many Thanks!

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I can not find any service manuals for the A520-k7.

If you have attempted to open the case, how far have you got ?

Have not got that far actually...

I think I know the rout to go, the screen needs to come off first, have undone several screws on its still not unclipping

Laptop repair place down the road wants £90 to do it and wont tell me how

Ant screws hidden under security labels. Also check for screws under the battery.

I've not seen this model before but I have worked on quite a few laptops.
hmm, havent looked under the security lables will check the thanks

here is the same one (different processor)…tml

Supposed to be the same case for these laptops..

Tiny / Time / QDI / SOTEC / ARIMA A520 , A520-K7 , A520-K8 , A520-K9 , A520-P4 , W720

Have emailed Arima for help - no response yet

Are you sure the screen needs to come off? A lot of laptops you take the bottom part of the case off, leaving the chassis/screen intact. In some you gain access to some parts/chassis screws by removing the keyboard first. Why does the power jack need replacing?
I am not 100% sure it need to come off, but the only 2 screws I can see that keep the plate holding the keyboard in are under the screen...

The power jack has broken inside, have taken it to the local repair place and then also belive this is the problem (works if the plug is wiggled about a bit and have tested with another powersupply)
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