Laptop - Repair or Replace!!!


    Basically I've got an older Compaq N800c P4 1.8Ghz, 512MB RAM and I think a 80GB HDD (can't remember). Built in wireless, CDRW etc etc.

    Last week the screen stopped working, brother (who uses it) said the fan just got really loud and the screen went black. It powers up, and the HDD spins, just nothing at all from the screen.

    Any laptop guru's out there with any ideas? If its gonna be expensive to fix I'll flog it for spares and get another one.

    Thanks in advance!


    sounds like the CPU has been burnt there in which case a replacement is a better option. after all the laptop is quite old

    To check if the laptop is working, you could connect a monior to the vga socket.

    As nuabdi says if the fans sounded very loud it could be somr thing has over heated.

    When my screen went on my laptop a couple of years ago it was around £300 to replace, (although prices may have come down a bit by now). As the laptop worked I just sold it for a couple of pounds and they just use a normal monitor on it.

    Original Poster

    Yep tried to connect to external monitor, nothing on that either. I'll probably just whack it on Ebay for spares / repairs and put the money towards another one. Don't need anything fancy brothers just share it for internet / msn. Cheers!

    Mind and yank out the hard disk before you sell it! :whistling:

    Cheers, Scotty Boy! :thumbsup:
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