Laptop - Replace or put in SSD?

    My daughter has a HP Probook 4530s which is exactly 5 years old. It's still going strong but as you'd expect is getting slower and slower and there are times where it sounds as though it's going to take off (made slightly better by me cleaning out the dust around the fan!)

    It's got a i3 2310m (2.13GHz) processor, 6GB RAM and my question is a simple one; would putting in a SSD improve the performance to a reasonable extent or would the other ageing components still make it slow to use. My daughter only really uses for college work and playing the Sim 3.

    I suspect the answer is going to be that given the relative cheapness of laptops these days we'd be better off just replacing with a new model and potentially putting a SSD in that instead. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Pete


    i would try an SSD first, as these are relatively cheap now also. A SSD will improve performance

    I have a very similar Dell, put an SSD in that cost £50 and its really good now. Don't use it for games in particular given age of the graphics in it but save £400 buying a new laptop. Guess it really comes down to what you use it for. Very simple to upgrade too

    Go for a decent SSD and if that doesn't work, you can probably pick up a reasonably priced laptop with a regular hard drive and swap it for the SSD one you've bought so you won't have risked too much.

    Hi Pete

    Normally the cheapest way to speed up a laptop would be to increase the RAM if it isn't already up to the maximum amount. I take it you have done all the usual disk cleanup, defragmenting etc too

    Also on startup there will be a number of programs or services that run and these can also slow down the laptop. It is possible to stop some of these services that are not needed so the laptop would also perform better then

    Hope this helps maybe


    A complete reinstall of Windows would probably give speed performance increases.

    Lot of work of course, you need to backup all your files, reinstall Windows, install all the Windows updates (a lot of them), then put all you programs back on.

    But it will be like a new machine afterwards.

    Most laptops have a copy of Windows on the hard disk in a hidden partition for ease of reinstall.


    If you are going to invest in an SSD make sure it is of a decent size - I have a Sony Vaio with a 128Gb SSD Drive and I have hardly anything installed on it - Microsoft Office and basically the Sony Vaio software and I only have 2Gb free which causes problems with Windows updates etc



    SSD every time. Certainly no need to put in any more ram, probably barely uses 3gb of the 6gb available. Adding more won't make any difference.

    Agree with reinstalling windows as over time it builds up all manner of rubbish. Giving it a fresh install makes life easier.

    I don't agree with having to buy an SSD over 120gb - a standard windows install, even with office and a selection of programs won't cause anywhere near that amount of space to be used. If you're using it for general use, and store photos etc in the cloud, stream music rather than download it and so on then you'll be fine with something of that size.

    Either way, you'll see a big improvement in speed of the machine with an SSD - well worth the upgrade.

    after a few years of work - the disk will need defragging and emptying of various directories which store all the updates, temp files, downloaded files. whilst an SDD will be faster, you will end up having to reinstall. if you did the same on the existing hard drive, it will also be much much faster. registry bloat is another item.

    clean out all the temp folders - look on google for tools to help clean out the junk accumulated over the years.

    also turn off the indexing service.

    Fresh install of Windows and a SSD will bring an old laptop to life, done it on a couple of laptops and it makes loads of difference.

    You could try re-installing windows or the various tweaks already suggested by other people and it will probably improve things.
    I tried the same things on my old HP laptop but ended up buying a cheap 120Gb SSD and it turned from a slow old dog to something perfectly usable. From my own experience both with old laptops and my desktop installing an SSD have been a major improvement.

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone. Really appreciate you taking the time to respond.

    Yes a fresh install on windows followed by a swop out using a SSD. I recently did this on a 3 yr old samsung laptop using a sandisk 240GB ssd from Amazon. The difference in performance is amazing

    I have several laptops 3 i5 and an i7 all but one i5 have ssd, 2 of which are factory ssd Samsung i5
    an Acer with standard 500gb hard drive
    I have put them all against each other at booting up and there is nothing between any of them ie. no difference between the ssd units and the Acer with standard drive.
    SSD units might be quicker starting from sleep
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