Laptop request please.

    I am looking for a laptop for my husband, but not sure what to look for. Ideally would like one with TV tuner and wi-fi. Doesn't need to be great spec as he won't be wanting to play games on it just basic internet usage. Don't really want to spend more than £500, ideally would like to spend between £300 - £400 if possible. Has anyone any ideas? Many thanks.


    IF you prefer DELL, send a PM to our DELL Mod, MikeT

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    Thanks, will do :thumbsup:

    And remember TV USB sticks can be had for around £20 so don't let this be a priority with the PC…013
    £10/£20 for a 512mb/1gb ram upgrade
    £20 usb stick
    £5 coaxial extension from roof aerial for digital tv on laptop

    [Gordon Ramsey] Done [/Gordon Ramsey]
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