Laptop required - travel and home use

    I am after a decent laptop around £500-£600 that can be used at home and also travel abroad. A good spec one with preferable wireless internet and webcam integrated. Or one I can use with wired internet as well. Any good recommendations will be apreciated. Or deals flying around that will save me money.



    Personally, I use a netbook for travelling rather than a full size laptop. It's just so much smaller and lighter for carrying around, but still has most of the capabilities of my larger laptop.

    I have an MSI Wind U100 which you can pickup for around £150 refurbed or £230 new. There are also later models, but I like that one because extra memory is cheap and it can be easily overclocked to nearly 2Ghz processor speed. It has the integrated webcam, wireless B/G (not N) and ethernet port. Like all netbooks it has no built-in DVD/CD drive.

    It really depends on what you intend to do with it.

    Your budget should by a pretty good machine, whatever you decide.

    you could try this one i posted yesterday,all laptops have wireless and most have webcam these days,this one has a excellent spec at a very good price.…inc

    The problem with many laptops for travelling is weight, particualrly if you travel on flights that weigh your hand luggage. Many laptops are not really built for the robustness of regular travel.
    I have a business class laptop, currently HP, when i wor abroad. I also love my netbook, a Samsung NC10 as it seems chunky and robust and does what I need for leisure holidays away.
    You may wish to consider two computers, or possibly look at the machines like the Lenovo U350 or Asus UL30. These are lower powered but long batteries and built to a bit of a price so not so robust. Just some ideas.
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