Laptop reset to factory settings = no photos

    hey i recently had to reset my laptop after my partner opened an email which was "from" her mum when in fact it was a virus or at least i think it was because since then my laptop has started up but froze soon after. Anyways i was wondering if there is a way to get back the photos i lost (1000+). I didnt do a complete format of hard drive as there is still torrent data still on but no photos.

    Any help would be gratefully received.


    if you restored laptop to factory settings then it did format and there's no way to get them sorry

    if you didn't do a format then you didn't do a full factory reset, the full option completely deletes all existing data (but it is still sometimes recoverable). you most likely chose one of the repair options.

    anyways. if you know the names of the photos you could try a complete search (including hidden and system files) for part of the name and see if it finds anything. but your best bet is probably to use data recovery software. i personally use getdataback. this will recover files even after the partition has been deleted and the new partition formatted. if you use getdataback you will need a flash drive to save the recovered data on, and a lot of time for it to run. but if the files still exist on the drive(in other words they haven't been overwritten) it WILL find them

    Assuming the pictures were in your 'my pictures' folder - totally off the top of my head.

    My computer - > C drive -> Users -> Your old profile name -> Pictures

    (Or could be in Users.old)

    My computer - C Drive - Documents and Settings - Your old profile name - My Documents - My Pictures

    Try those first!

    Do a search for *.jpg on your "C" drive (assuming you hadn't set up a seporate drive for the photo's).
    Check your Recycle bin...
    check under C:\Doccument's and settings\ and see if there are any other accounts there other than the one you log in with..

    Good Luck!



    2. Take the hard drive out

    3. Put it into a newish tower PC with SATA port (I presume you've got a newish laptop) otherwise you'll need an adapter look here for which one…asp

    4. Download Rstudio or similar

    5. Run RStudio on the drive and recover your files

    6. Once you've got your photos back, format the harddrive. There's no way a factory reset cleaned the virus out.


    I prefer this... Active File Recovery

    its pay software, but it seems to work everytime - I delete partitions, install OSX on a disk, go back, end up corrupting partition tables, reinstall windows and the data is still there. I can't see to get it to fail me!

    I know what lumor is saying, but if you don't have access, try running it on the laptop anyway - just where possible restore to a different disk or usb stick (otherwise you risk writing over the data you are reading.


    How on earth did you think a reset to factory settings would clean a virus and not all your personal data?

    Just restore them from the backup you made. HTH. :whistling:



    Just restore them from the backup you made. HTH. :whistling:

    amazes me that apparently 65% of PC owners never backup their treasured photos / data. :w00t:

    I am no computer whiz and did the same and deleted everything I had collectrd over 11 years ( I did back up but it corrupted or something) but then bought a recovery disc for £1 off the car boot and got everything back................

    Original Poster

    as i said i think it was a virus cos there were loads of emails off people we dont know and since she opened one the laptop mysteriously freezes on startup. i also do backup most of my data but i kept the pics on my laptop because it was easy to email/edit etc. thanks for all your help im away from my laptop at the mo but will try 2moz.
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