Found 29th Dec 2005
I know squat about wifi so thought I'd ask for opinions on this combo.

I currently have an NTl broadband cable modem.

This laptop from Currys/Dixons/Pc World..…203

And the router from the front page...…tml

Good deals? Would I need anything else and are these items compatible with each other and my NTL box with minimum fuss?

(I also get 10% off the laptop due to family working there)


Both should be fine as the wireless router bundle contains the adaptor to plug into your laptop USB. No problems with NTL set up using it either.

Interesting... PC World included ADSL router into this package but it is of no use for you. Can you ask PC Word guys to replace it with Netgear WGR614 or said Linksys from the front page?

The ADSl router doesn't show from here as free, but as £65 added to order [or am I missing it?]

This is with the laptop according PCWorld

LIMITED OFFER! Receive a Free Pay-As-You-Use (PAYU) Vodafone Mobile … LIMITED OFFER! Receive a Free Pay-As-You-Use (PAYU) Vodafone Mobile Connect Data Card when you buy a laptop online from PC World. Click on the 'OFFERS' tab to redeem online

But the laptop is £499 from them anyway, so at least the above Data Card free.

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None of those extras are actually included. They are just auto ticked in the link, you just untick them before adding the laptop to your basket.

Oh, sorry. These things (router, MP3 player, etc) were listed under "Item(s) added to product" list, so I assumed it came with it.

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Yeah I think they are somehow hoping people don't notice they have 'helpfully' added a bunch of stuff

I 'think they look like a good deal. Not really a laptop person but it has everything I need for £450 and the router makes it about £500 with a minimum of fuss and a high street shop for returns.
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