laptop running slow

    hi guys my laptop is running very slow, was wondering how i delete my cookies and cashe?

    and is the correct thing to do?



    Is it your laptop running slow or your broadband? (many people confuse the two).

    Deleting cookies is not likely to speed up your laptop.

    Clearing out Temporary Internet Files may speed it up a little.

    Run a spyware or malware scanner to check you have no spyware on your laptop

    Malwarebytes is one that can check foir malware

    maybe consider upgrading your RAM also, depending on how much you already have.

    Original Poster

    its not the broadband as its fine on my other comp.

    how do you delete temp files then?

    (ps cheers for link)

    the Temp folder is what holds all of your temp internet files, its found in C:\WINDOWS normally, I think you can just go in the file and delete it all.

    What computer is it? How much RAM has it got? Processor?

    Personally I use ccleaner it is great at clearing all temp files, cookies, temp history all sort. You will be surprised how much you have clogged up with useless stuff

    Could also try Disc Cleanup and Disc Defragmenter (in that order) both found in Accessories -> System Tools

    ccleaner is highly recommended too

    I agree about CCleaner. It's a great little app. and free.
    It's not a good idea just to delete temp files without knowing whether they are in use or likely to be. Windows constantly creates these files and they are essential to it's smooth working.
    CCleaner by default will not delete temporary files unless they are at least older than 24 hours-a sensible measure.
    However your laptop can be running slow for many reasons. I recommend CCleaner and a spyware cleaner if you don't have one.
    You can download some excellent free ones from :…re/

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    not sure much about computers i think its got 2 ram

    model vgn-nr32m

    ill download that c cleaner.

    thanks guys

    You could try using a registry cleaner, sometimes helps.

    Thanks for the info I have the same problem:thumbsup:

    In my experience it is always the anti virus software that causes PCs to slow down.. I don't know what happens, maybe they are trying to run two scans at the same time, but something goes wrong and the PC suffers.. if all the above solutions fail try turning off your anti virus software and see if your PC speeds up or deleting it altogether and reinstalling it. :thumbsup:
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