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    Hello i am looking for a gd set of screwdrivers and nut and bolt screw drivers that i can use in my new job

    I have got a new job repairing laptop and they told me to get a basic set of screw drivers for laptop and screw drives to take off small bolts

    The screwdrivers i have seen are…1m9

    i dont no where to get any for bolts

    thanks for any help in advanced




    have no idea mark, but good luck with your new job :thumbsup:

    I bought a variation of that item (£19.99 rather than £10.99 though):
    L94BQ Pro's Kit 33 pcs precision screwdriver kit: ]http//ww…2m9

    Interchangeable miniature bits
    Precision swivel cap driver handle
    4 Phillips
    7 Flat Blade
    9 Star Tip
    8 Hex
    2 Pozi-Drive
    2 Sockets
    4mm shaft length

    I had been looking for something to take apart a Creative Zen Xtra to replace the harddisc and the PZ0 was perfect. Other PH0s hadn't been able to undo the screws. I have found the set very useful and has made other computer maintenance jobs a lot easier.

    Unfortunately the first one I got from Maplin had one bit duplicated (so one missing) and one of the sockets didn't fit the main driver. I had to return it and wait for them to get more in stock. Do check all the pieces are correct and fit if you do purchase my set.

    You have 14 days to return items to Maplin for any reason with so you could always take them to work and see if they think they're OK. Good luck.

    You will more than likely need to get some Torx drivers, HP laptops mainly use T7 & T10 a nut driver is also handy

    Original Poster

    cool thanks for all the help any other help will be wicked

    does any one know of a cheap set when i can get some torx drivers and some small nut drivers

    By quoting the contents of the 33pcs one from the Pro's Kit website, I may have been less helpful than I could have been.
    It has Philips head PH000-PH1, flat blade SL1-SL4 (in 0.5mm increments), Torx T4-T10, T15 and T20, Hex H0.7-H4, Pozi-Drive PZ1-PZ0 and sockets M4-M6 as metric nut drivers.

    As with other socket sets, you should be able to get additional heads to fill in the gaps.
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