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Hi im a student who can stretch to £600 at a push with my loan but im totally stumped when im looking for a laptop can anyone shed some light on my dilema please. Ive been looking at Acer's and Gateway computers cos ive heard they are quite well built and well priced.
If im looking at the wrong make of computers id appreciate it if you could give me some ideas of what to buy and if you know of any deals it would be a great help to me




hi welcome to hukd you can search for past deals using the search feature above, just type laptop or notebook and select hot deals, here are the results that you can look through hotukdeals.com/for…565


i cant recomend a particular one because it depends on what you want the lappie for?

btw the ones with EXPIRED at the begining means you cant get that deal anymore -obviously :giggle:

wrong way round, acer and gateway have pretty low quality build standards and part's, if you get a good one fine, but when you get a bad one you will know about it.

ATM dell for the money have some great deal's, ill get back to this thread and knock up some custom laptop spec's on dell's site for you, the vostro line is apparently a really good laptop for its money more so the low end vostro

edit: what exactly are you looking for? gaming, just for internet surfing, video encoding?
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