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Posted 10th Dec 2019
Just bought a laptop and with my (very) limited knowledge of such things feel I should be putting some kind of security or anti virus software on it.

It’s just going to be used for standard web surfing by me and the kids - is there anything anyone could recommend?

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Dont pay for it just use one of the free excellent ones out there, Avira and Avast have everything you need, some say use just use microsoft own but find these ones better.

Check if your ISP has parental controls, worth adding it but depending on the age the kids might know how to bypass this.
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Just search best free antivirus on google and you’ll get tonnes of hits and recommendations

Things like avast, avg and others will give you some peace of mind.

If it’s kids as well you might want to think about content blocker.......antivirus etc is only as good as the site you do or do not visit.
Use Microsoft Security Essentials, it is a free antivirus program
Install something that'll automatically backup everything of worth and value to the cloud. You ought to be able to lose/break your laptop without losing anything more than (arguably) that day's work.
3 months free bitdefender just posted on here , worth a try
Sophos home free, it just works in the background, you'll not know it's there until it spots a problem. Plus, no pop ups nagging you to buy the paid for/pro version.
I've been using free avast for years.
avg free version is fine.
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