Laptop security locks or metal chains lol.

    I have just recently purchased a laptop from the thread…344

    and in the manual it says it comes supplied and is compatiable with a kensington lock. It in fact does not come with a lock but I am considering getting one.

    I want something where I can tie down my laptop to say my table, hopefully, touch wood in a worst case scenario, deterring any robber from stealing it!

    What advice and past experience do you have with them? Much appreciated guys, great forum I must say.


    they have them in poundland,i would of thought they were a standard size 1 fits all but as ive never used one before i dont know about that,anyway its worth a try for a £1

    I have a Kensington lock and I find it easy to use and the cable is pretty long. The lock also works on my PC.
    Don't forget, the lock is only as good as the item you are locking it to.

    Original Poster

    i'll have a look in poundland lol. one pound?!

    Don't forget, the lock is only as good as the item you are locking it to.

    this is from the manual

    how safe can that be?!

    i'm scared that even if i do get it and tie it to the table, it'll probably get ripped off..?
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