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Posted 12th Jun 2020
hi - hoping to get some advice and guidance around specs.

I'm looking to get a new laptop but am completely baffled by the different types of specs and options. I don't really have a budget in mind (maybe somewhere between £500-800) - partner will generally use for web browsing, streaming etc. I'd also like to play some retro games (circa 1999-2005 if that counts as retro!) and if possible football manager/simulation games.... what should I be looking for in the specs - beyond 8gb+ RAM I get a bit lost.

any help would be hugely appreciated
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Huawei matebook 14 (Honor magicbook 14) is your best bet around £550
You're not doing anything that needs a lot of computing power so the main thing I'd be looking for is general quality, which manufacturers don't list in the specs.
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