Laptop sub £400?

Found 13th Dec 2017
any good deals on a ssd laptop sub £400.

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Depends on your definition of 'good deals'.

Sadly, we're probably not in the best "range" at the moment for laptop prices - Black Friday weekend was the time to strike.

If you want a half decent processor (at least Pentium Gold/i3), and a decent screen (1080p), then you'll usually find it mated to a HDD and with 4GB of RAM for sub £400.
It's easier to get a better deal if you choose a base spec that can be upgraded at a good price, then upgrade it. You can't upgrade the screen/processor later, but you can add a 128GB SSD for ~£40, and an extra 4GB ram for ~£30+.
You might been interested in this one full HD and SSD Drive at £379.99p
If you can get a credit account with very you could have it on a buy now a later over 12 months, and by using the code MFUUG you can get a further £70 off and added back to your account making it £309.99…top
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