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Laptop Suggestions

Posted 9th Aug
I could do with some advise as to which laptop would be suitable for me. If anyone could give me any suggestions, that would be great because I have no idea where to start.

Budget: £550
It would be used for general everyday use (Word, Internet searching, YouTube etc), but don't want it to be slow.

I have access to education discounts if that helps so can purchase from the discounted Lenovo and HP sites as well as others.

Thank you very much in advance.
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Bertz9909/08/2020 17:53

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That one is being purchased from the Austrian store so I can't use the education discount on top. Thank you though
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I agree with others. The ideapad 5 with ryzen 7 4000 series is the best but stock will be hard to find
Bertz9909/08/2020 18:05

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That one at Currys looks good, I get 10% cashback as well
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