Laptop suggestions for floor planning software

Posted 18th Jan 2023 (Posted 4 h, 38 m ago)
Hi everyone,

I am looking to do some design work for a house using either or something similar and would like some advice on what laptop would be best to use that is both affordable, but has a good enough spec to actually run these programs. I'm not looking for an all singing and dancing machine, just something midrange.

I've not got any response from 5D as to what their basic system requirements are to run the native version of their software, and FloorPlanner simply said their software is web-based so, the better the machine, the better the software would perform.

Grateful for any advice you could give me on the laptop, or indeed any alternative floor planners that youve had good experience with. The last thing I want is to get a sub-par machine that struggles to cope with the rendering.

Thank you.
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    5d suggests that it’s desktop version is Mac only. Otherwise running on android or iPhone, hinting at resource requirements

    As you already know, floor planner is web based - which really isn’t taxing for a computer - just a stable internet connection. I’m not seeing anything to suggest a Chromebook couldn’t run this. (edited)
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