Laptop That output to monitor 4K - 200£, Thinkpad?

Found 31st Jan
Currently have a Thinkpad X230, with 8GB RAM - SSD and HD Graphics 4000, I use this laptop on the dock and is 95% always on dock display to monitor, but just upgraded my monitor to a 4K and it turns out this laptop is to outdate for 4k, it plays at 2560x1600 or 2560x1440p at max in the settings

so will need to upgrade to something that can display this, I preferably want something in similar budget, do not mind swapping ram and putting my own ssd in, from my little search I think not sure if i'm wrong, this is my questions, HD graphics 4400/4600 can handle 4k correct?…4Tb

- Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4200M
intel hd graphics 4600

is this a good option or is there better value for money if consiering dont care about portability as its just going to be plugged in, thanks
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"this is my questions, HD graphics 4400/4600 can handle 4k correct?"


Lenovo's datasheet does state it supports 60hz, but doesn't say whether it's in SST or MST mode:…pdf

Given the p is the powerful model I think there's a good chance it would support it.
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