Laptop That Will Play HD MKV's

    Hi all, Im looking to get a laptop. Im wanting it to be capable of playing HD MKV files so obviously I'll want to be able to connect it to my HDTV aswell. Not sure about a budget. Any suggestions?



    Luckily, I was trying to find a laptop to play HD MKV files, and luckily my laptop does

    Acer Aspire 5920 Looks great and has great preformance…CY/

    My Macbook Pro plays them fine and also connects to my Bravia via DVI -> HDMI adaptor + HDMI Cable.
    Automatically adjusts resolution for optimal TV playback.
    If you want to get a Mac that is.

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    Macs are abit too pricey for me.

    Thanks for the comment though

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    Anyone else?

    I am looking for a new laptop and just came across this, it also has a hd drive for copying or playing in hd.
    Its a 17" model not a bad price for the spec too.…0C/
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