Laptop through LARGE Speakers

Its my 18th next sunday and Im having a party on the saturday, decided not to hire a DJ as its not a huge venue and we wont be there too long anyway probably.

Quite alot of my mates are in bands so I was thinking of trying to borrow some big speakers off them and doing a playlist on my laptop and just set it off for hours or something.

But, if I can get the speakers off someone, can you connect them up to a laptop easily? If so what sort of lead will I need to buy, I have a Samsung NC10 if it makes any difference?



large speaker have to go through and amplifier unless they have amps built in, so you will need to borrow the amp too, your friends should know if they are in bands

and the cable from the laptop to the amp will almost certainly be 3.5mm stereo jack, to 2x RCA Phono plugs. which is very much standard so not hard to get if you don't own one.

You might want to check out SRS audio sandbox, it let's you use SRS audio enhancement across your full system, regardless of what media player you're using and is specifically great for optimizing a system for using very large speakers. there's a demo which you can use for the party.

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Thanks for the replies, will see if i can get an amp sorted too! Would the quality be any better if I linked it up to say an ipod instead of the laptop?

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