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Found 12th May 2009
Recently my laptop has stopped working through hdmi to my hdtv, getting an error message " mode not supported".

Im not sure if this has anything to do with the fact i changed my laptop to just display on the tv screen and not the laptop screen, i wanted to play blu rays from it and the only way i could was by doing the Fnc+F5 method.

Can anyone help me out?, ive tried changing the resolutions but to no avail, but when i restart my laptop it displays the startup no bother and also the log in screen, its just when i get to the desktop it stops displaying and i get the message.

Laptop is the Aspire 6530



change the hz

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change the hz

Doesnt give me the option, only has 60 in the drop down menu.

you know, i have the same problem, but for me, it kept goin to the blue screen of death on my acer g24 monitor, but when i did the same on my sony tv, i managed to dual screen without hassel. I contacted sony as my laptops sony and they barely helped me at all.


it usually says mode not supported if you set the laptop to resolutions the tv cant handle
take a look in you tv manual for the eact resolutions it can handle

i had the same problem through vga, try changing the resolution and see if that fixes it


...Had similar problems. Sometimes it would work other times it just wouldn't. Changed the HDMI cable; no more problems. Could be worth a go!

Good Luck...

Which screen is the error message on and which screen or screens go black when you get into windows?

If it doesn't go black until windows then it's just a driver or settings issue, it's unlikely anything's broken.

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It was working fine for about a week, handled the resolutions no bother.

The error message is coming on my tv, i have the laptop set to tv only display when hooked to the tv.

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If your TV is showing mode not supported then it is a resolution issue. On some systems, you can set resolution for internal screen and TV screen individually. Set you laptop to a known resolution that should work with your TV and then configure it for dual screen. This should send the same resolution to both screens. Also, when you switch from one screen to dual, you will see if internal screen also changes resolution or not. If it does, check the resolution settings in your video cards's advance settings. It doesn't hurt to perform reset/default on the video card settings if you have that option.

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