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Found 26th Dec 2015
hi all. my laptop died on Christmas day, looks like a graphic card failure. so I need to replace. I've been out of the loop for a few years so have no idea what's decent anymore.

It has to run photoshop(currently cs5) ideally 8gb + ram, 1tb+ hard drive. photo editing and Internet browsing are pretty much all I use it for.

In the past I've always gone for a dedicated graphics card so assume I need to again.

Ideally around £500 mark.

Any recommendations please?
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u probably get away with 4gb ram but i suppose with that budget u can get 8gb ram and i7 processor why not or 8gb ram 2tb storage and i5 processor for around 400 quid Check out currys quite few on there
Photo editing isn't a big use of the 3D graphics processor, a lot of it is CPU based. Unless you're using the filters or other features that reply on the GPU heavily I wouldn't be too worried about it.

Although the other common use of Intel's more powerful laptop processors (the Q suffix models) is gaming, so many of the laptops you'll be looking at will come with a dedicated card anyway.

They do tend to start at about £600-650 though, even with Intel now offering cheaper i5 branded models so for £500 you're looking at nearly new if you're in a hurry. Performance advances haven't been particularly fast though, so even a 3000 or 4000 series CPU is still almost as good, many of them are even better than the new entry level i5-6300HQ.
Go for a lenovo thinkpad, I have the x230 and its amazing, its not thin as some at 500£ however the trade offs you lose in them from the specs and durability is huge, also the price, get a x230 for 200£ on ebay, get one with a ssd and 8gb ram will be fine.. the x230 is suprisingly light too compared to the slim ones which you'd think it be a brick

Depends on what you are doing with loves RAM and an SSD is better.

To gain the greatest benefit from an SSD, use it as the scratch disk. … To gain the greatest benefit from an SSD, use it as the scratch disk. Using it as a scratch disk gives you significant performance improvements if you have images that don’t fit entirely in RAM. For example, swapping tiles between RAM and an SSD is much faster than swapping between RAM and a hard disk.

For efficient photo editing, the amount of RAM your computer contains is … For efficient photo editing, the amount of RAM your computer contains is just as important as the overall processing power of your system. In general, more RAM means better Photoshop performance. This is especially true of 64-bit systems, where larger amounts of memory can be addressed and used more efficiently.

And if you are using Ps in a professional manner then the screen is important as well and should be a consideration.

Go here:…tml

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I would say for any photo editing your first priority is probably a good screen. I think 14" is about the minimum (which rules out the X230 - I actually own an X220 with IPS screen and while it's a very laptop I wouldn't do any Photoshop work on it).
* 14" plus IPS screen with a matt finish. This generally means 1080P which I personally find a bit hard on a 14" screen but 1600x900 generally is not available in IPS.
* preferable a quad core i7.
* 2.5" slot for a 1TB or more hybrid SSHD
* M.2 slot for SSD boot drive.
* At least 2 SODIMM slots (a lot of ultrabooks do not have this)
* maybe a dGPU but really, Intel's integrated should be fine even for OpenCL acceleration - is there any specific thing you do in Photoshop which is definitely GPU accelerated? If there is, you may want to look for benchmarks for that specifically.

Since I spec'ed a matt IPS screen that rules out most consumer laptops, so I think that for your budget, I would think your best bet is a used business grade laptop with warranty: Lenovo Thinkpad T440 / T450, HP Elitebook 840 G1/G2 (or maybe the 15.6" 850 but those are rarer and more expensive), Dell Latitude E6440/E7450.
The ones I mentioned are all either Haswell or Broadwell and should be available with remaining warranty (the tend to be sold with 3 year warranty and it is transferable).

Have a look on ebay at Buy-it-now listings with a query like this:
(E6440, T440, E7440, 840 G2, 840 G1, 840, T440p, 850 G1, T440s, T540p, T450, T450s, E7450)

Although it can be hard to get any with IPS screens as even when the manufacturers offer the option most business bulk buyers go for the cheap 1366x768 screens.

The other problem is getting a quad core processor. They are becoming rarer as even business laptops have gone Ultrabook crazy. Of the ones I listed, only the T440p, T540p and the Dell E6440 even offer the options. HP seem to no longer do any Elitebooks with more than a 15W CPU, and the Broadwell Thinkpads - even the W550s - and the Latitude E7450 are all 15W soldered CPUs.

The T440p / T450p and Dell E6440 are upgradable with socketed CPUs but that would void the warranty as those parts are not considered user upgradeable (although I heard Dell is okay with user upgrades). Basically, for someone competent it is possible to buy a cheap one of those and change the CPU for a quad core and replace the screen with the IPS version (even matt 1080P IPS screens are remarkable cheap at around £40 or so).

PS: the OP forgot to name and shame your old laptop which died. Laptops which die to due to a faulty GPU should be named with the exact make and model IMO.

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