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    just wondering if anybody knows of any laptop trade in deals? i have a 3-4yr old hp 510, would like a little 13.3" i think but not really that fussy, just wondering if anywhere knows of anywhere offering anything for my laptop really, think its a pretty sucky 1.6Ghz with RAM upgraded to 1GB, on a different note anyone know the rough value of my laptop, it works fine but the chargers a bit of a duffer, the batterys reached the end of its life, the disc drive doesnt open since my mate fiddled with it and neither do the speakers...


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    thanks nine, would prefer and actual trade in sumwhere though, im not being stupid btw, sum places do offer these every now and then right?

    any cluj on if my laptops even worth a pittence?

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    hmm hp are doing a £150 minimum rebate but i dont think id ever see that money if i went for it with my laptop it would fail on sum slight criteria no doubt, real nice looking things though.. anyone any reviews of the trade up?
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