Laptop TV tuner

    does anyone know where i can get a good usb tv tuner that comes with freeview. it has to give good quality picture when using the aerial. im thinking of only spending around £15


    The picture quality depends on the reception area and aerial used. All of the tuners do pretty much the same thing, its the quality of the reception that counts

    i have one if you want to buy its a freecom, pic quality is good as it digital so none teristerial problems you get, now depeding on you arial as i use my house arial the channels all come up and pic quality is good. it also pics up radio stations aswell comes with remote. i use to use it quite a bit but my new hp laptop has a pcmcia dvb tv tuner so dont need it anymore. it also has a portable arial, cd with software and drivers. will do it £17 delivered.
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