Found 21st Oct 2008
A friend of mine as asked me to have a look for a Windows based laptop for him at around £300. I'm usually a mac geek so don't really pay much attention to the deals that come through for Windows machines so I was hoping you guys could help.

He will be using it for word processing and internet surfing so we're looking for value rather than raw performance. I think it would make sense to have 2GB RAM but other than that I'm open to opinions and suggestions.

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Here's a good place to start ;


i reckcon is as good as anywhere ring them and ask for offers you might get a surprise at the price. dont let them sell you up with all sorts of extended warranty and the price will be in budget

Just bought a new lappy selling mine in your price range PM me if ya like. Mine got 2GB and a 9 cell battery. Its a Dell Inspiron
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