Laptop under £350

    Im looking to purchase two laptops for my kids, must be under £350 and must have the following or better.

    Good processer
    1gb ram
    80g hdd
    widescreen clearview type
    quality make
    built in webcamera (if possible)

    basically its going to be used for internet and homework etc


    Try this one. I am in the same situation as yourself and think this is the best I have found?…487 If anyone can find better let me know :P

    This is a *tough* ask

    Good processor essentially means "not a celron" which is almost all you see at this price range
    1gig ram = no real problem
    80gig hd = may be a problem combined with other things, a lot of cheaper laptops come with 60gig hds at the moment
    widescreen glossy screen == BIG problem, especially combined with the processor
    wireless = no problem
    quality make = of course
    webcam = unlikely, if theres one built in then woo!

    The closest I've got so far is this…639

    it isnt a celron, has a screen that isnt too square (although I dont think its "proper" widescreen or glossy) and is a decent make...

    Scratch that: my advice is ring aria and beg them to find some more of these:…400

    they've been damn helpful with me on this sort of query in the past, hope that they manage it again...
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