laptop vs notebook

so i googled it and they said notebooks dont have cd/dvd drives. i got the toshiba laptop from anazon for £300 but am thinking is it any good....or shall i look for a good deal on a vaio ?(upto 500).

any help be sure this question been asked so if anyone knows cool


laptop and notebook are the same things , i think you are referring to a netbook. Dont go for the cheap sony range as they suck. Also you dont want a netbook either as they are pretty slow imo and cause eye retrain after long usage and a small keyboard.

You can pick up an i3 dell or toshiba in the £500 range.

in my opinion, it's better to go for the high class low brand lappy. like acer.

or you can go for some mid ranged dell, or asus. asus, are pretty good.…248

This best of both worlds! Just realised doesn't have optical drive but still decent machine between a netbook and a laptop.
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