Laptop wanted

    Dads looking for a laptop to use at home on a wireless network so he can use it downstairs.

    Would just be used for browsing the internet, emails, rarely using office etc, sometimes playing the odd DVD or Music. Storing some photos but not many.

    Primarly the internet though.

    I looked at…887 for him but I have no idea about laptops though to be honest. If anyone could reccomend something then it would be great.

    He has XP on his desktop so can files be transfered accross or do XP files still not work on vista like they never used to?




    Link, from above post

    that has gone up in price in the past week, the acer is a nicer laptop…426 it's got a bigger screen and a proper number pad on the right. i bought the acer from littlewoods direct for £399 the other day (more than ebuyer i know but there is a buy now pay april 2010 voucher available for littlewoods), it's a nice bit of kit and is very fast even next to my dell quad core which has more ram and a real graphics card.
    also if you buy it from ebuyer hoping to use finance you'll be charged £40 ish admin fee, that's why i used littlewoods instead as it's free to pay over x amount of time with no interest. didn't really need another laptop myself but this looked really nice, was cheap and free for a year, i'll be using it over the summer and giving my xps a rest.

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    Thanks for the reccomendation. Came on here last night to check for replies & we turned the computer on & it cut out after a bit & stunk of burning, wouldnt turn on this morning either so its really needed now haha!

    Will check the acer out :thumbsup:
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