Laptop wanted

    A Friend of mines Hubby is wanting to get his wife a laptop for her B day he knows nothing about comps and has asked for my help he has £400
    Are there any good deals at the moment or what is the best he can get for his money


    Pls check the DELL Inspiron laptops posted ]here

    Does the wife know much about computing? If so, the wrong choice of machine could well be a real disappointment.

    If she does, it might be worthwhile asking her to choose one rather than hubby buying it; if she is only a beginner, then fire away with any of the Dells posted at the price he wishes to pay.

    It might also be worth asking what she might want to do with the machine; that will help people here point him in the right direction.

    Cheers, Dio

    HI, i also thought this was quite good for the price,…845
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