Laptop Wanted. Any good deals out there?

    Hi all, Im after a laptop deal

    The laptop must have 250gb minimum hard drive capacity with 4gb of RAM. Also a great processor and a blueray drive

    Finally must be 17" screen and a decent make.

    Its not for me but for my uncle. Can anybody point out any deals out there


    theres a website i go on daily and it tells you what offer on on in different stores that day u might find something there is called OFFER OF THE DAY hope this helps

    I like the HP DV9000 series - its a great machine/display, but they have had lots of problems regarding overheating nvidia graphics chips.
    If you do buy one install the nvidia tools to monitor temperature, to check its running reasonably cool (40-60 C) and upgrade the bios to the latest - the fan comes on more often.
    These machines are a delight to use, also have two hard disks - so you can currently install upto 1TB,. great for transferring your DVD collection.
    HP also launched a new range of laptops yesterday - the envy range in time for Xmas.…nvy

    Hiya, are selling some laptops with dual core, 4GB ram, 250GB HDD for £260.66...
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