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Found 18th Sep 2007
Hello All,

I am thinking of buying my daughter a laptop for her 12th birthday as she's clogging mine up:x
She only uses it for msn, school work, uploading / downloading from mobile etc plus the internet.
Really haven't got a clue what a good spec is :roll: but bearing in mind the amount of use it will get I don't want to spend a fortune.

Any help would be appreciated
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Wait until Thursday for MikeT to post his usual Dell deals.

Pointed someone in my office to one of these for around £300, which came with 60Gb hdd, 1gb ram, AMD dual core and wireless.

He's very happy with it and it is well made and you have decent support.

That's what I would recommend, at any rate.
hotukdeals.com/for…735 though this needs £10ish ram addon.

£20 relatively more for amd dual core is tempting if you want the power for thakanester's Dell.
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