Laptop wanted - Low spec - totally bottom end

    Want a really old, low spec laptop for about £30 - £50 including postage. mainly to use for wordprocessing, and maybe a few old games....maybe emulators? i dunno if they play on win95.. win 3.1??? anyone know? anyway yeah something like that... needs to work tho...battery not important as it will probably be connected anyway. spec wise..just 100mhz, 8mb ram..500mb hdd...something like that...or if you have a slightly better one let me know..long as its cheap lol... can use cash thru paypal or got some psp games id trade.

    also looking for...floppy games/software... to play on a pc/laptop with this spec.... im sure loads of ppl have them in a drawr somewhere that they never use? lol...

    Thanks in advance....... :thumbsup:


    WOW.i have a laptop with those specs (not sure about the ram though) it has win 95 on it, no CD and the battery life for it is pretty naff. not used for dokeys years, are us seriously interested in buying it?. and may i ask why?

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    yeah i want something i can use some old floppys on and i write a lot..just need notepad or something...dont want anything good as i only want to pay buttons lol.... i also have a few things to trade ...just let me know the specs etc and what you or trade..etc...cheers

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    That looks like a great idea :thumbsup:

    Wanted low spec.

    yea it has MS word (95 version i think) also has doom 2 on it which is excellent for a game that fits on 5 floppies. erm... how much are you offering? and what are you offering to trade? (i dont have a psp btw) its not how much you give me thats the problem i am just thinking about the shipping costs because it isnt the lightest laptop including the case.

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    postage is about 7-10 pound usually i think..i sent a megadrive with over 30 boxed games for £7.... may have changed since the new royal mail thing. id rather you gave a price really so i know if i can afford it or not lol and what are you into...
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