Laptop Wanted max £300

I'm looking for the best spec laptop i can get for under £300. Am looking for core 2 duo, RAM upgradable to 2gb+, 100gb hard drive and dvd-writer.

Have been looking for a while now refurbs probably best bet but can't seem to find one that meets my spec.

Any help will be rewarded with rep.



You could have mine for £300 if you like.

I recently downgraded it to XP from vista successfully.

The model is: HP Pavilion dv6809wm (American - don't worry, it's all PAL compatible)


AMD turion X2 2.0Ghz
3GB DDR2 ram
120GB hard drive
15.4" wide screen

Wha'dya think?

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Thanks for the other Xenogen but am after something with a warranty

[URL="www1.euro.dell.com/con…spx?c=uk&cs=ukbsdt1&id=laptop-vostro-a860&l=en&s=bsd"]Have a look at dell[/URL]
£292 inl vat and del not a bad spec and about the cheapest laptop you might find also remember quidco at 5% :thumbsup:

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Not quite the spec i'm after, refurbs are fine, just am finding it hard to find one to my spec


Your link doesn't appear to work imortal

working for me

try copy and paste this into the web browser


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Works now, just not the spec i'm after, thanks anyway

Ebuyer's cheapest Core2Duo is about £350 and they're usually competitive.

Core2Duo laptops did get down to the £300 price point a few months ago. But, since the £ started its slide against the $, they've edged up towards £350 again.

You might pick up a refurb for around £300 - both Currys and PC World often have some at that price. I doubt you'll find a new one at your spec for the price you want to pay.

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Ok cheers, I suppose its pot luck as to whether you can find a good refurb in stock

Hi there,

I just bought a Fujitsu Siemens laptop (refurbished one but practically new as it comes from comet) from comet auctions this evening 1.7 Ghz intel dual core, 80 GB, 2 GB ram,1 MB cache and wifi with DVD RW for £255. May be you can have a look on comet auctions too. For further pointers like comet auctions, you can have a look at the deal requested by me at



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Thanks very much for the help pied_piper.

Rep given
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