Laptop Wanted under £200

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Found 18th Aug 2008
hi ppl, im after a laptop, this will be my first laptop so i dont want anythin to expensive.

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How about one of these bad boys

ebuyer.com/pro…169 for £159.58

Nice if you want something small, compact and light

Or look at this page to see some others at different specs


Hope that helps

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thanks, but i want a proper laptop if you know what i mean, not just those little 1's, thanks anyway pal

I don't think there are any larger laptops under £200 brand new, you're going to be looking at reconditioned or second hand for that sort of money. If that's fine then a second hand thinkpad shouldn't be too hard to get hold of.

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yeah a second hand or reconditioned laptop is fine, i doubt i would get a brand new 1 for under £200 anyway

try bigpockets website or reconditioned ones in currys , dixons , pcworld - they are snapped up quick though

Hi there, I am upgrading to a new laptop this weekend so will be selling my other one. Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing it from me and I can give you the details. It works perfectly.

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yeah whats the details m8? how much u thinking delievred?

I have an Acer Aspire 5040, 1.8Ghz, 1.5Gb Ram.

I formatted the hard drive and lost all of the drivers! oops!

I'm currently using an external wireless card as I can no longer get the internal one to work! Also the DVD rom drive doesn't always work. Cosmeticlaly the laptop is in good condition.

Looking for £140

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no im alright thanks mate.
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