Laptop warranty question

    bought a toshiba laptop from comet 7 months ago. The casing on the laptop has startded to crack on both corners above the screen. The laptop has been well looked after.

    Will this be covered under the warranty, if it is how do i claim. Do i get in touch with comet?

    Do people have any experience getting their laptops repaired with comet/toshiba?

    Any comments appreciated. Thanks


    might come under 'wear and tear'


    might come under 'wear and tear'

    Assuming it's actually gone right through and isn't just cracking patterns on the surface than definitely not.

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    The casing has cracked on each top corner of the screen, so is only seen when you open the screen.

    You still have your guarantee, take it back to be repaired, replaced or refunded. Unless you have abused it the seller who is responsible by law, and if you paid by credit card or on a credit scheme the person who supplied it is jointly liable if the seller fails to cover your complaint.
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