Laptop - Which One???

    I need to buy a laptop/notebook which will mainly be used for family web surfing wirelessly. It doesn't need high specs.

    I have been looking at the Dell Inspiron 1300 and the Acer 3003 priced at approx. £339 and £380 respectively.

    I know that the Dell would do the job but I look at the Acer with the better spec. (screen size, processor, cache, hard disc etc.) and wonder whether it would be better to pay the extra.

    I know that all I need is the Dell but the Acer might give me greater flexibility. There are too many pros and cons to each.


    I would welcome your views as I think an objective, detached view would be beneficial. :?


    If the Dell Inspiron 6000 offer was still available what is what I would of recommended, mostly for battery life, screen, ati x300 gfx (instead of horrible intel integrated ones), upgrade flexability upon order.

    If you're patient (I waited weeks for the right dell laptop deal) then wait around for next Dell deal, bear in mind alot laptop companies are getting rid of the old centrino core (single core dothan 2mb) CPU ranges for the new yonah dual core "duo" which are at quite a premium at the moment helping to push older laptops cheaper.

    Also remember the 2ghz dothan core still carries, or carried, a hefty £200+ premium cpu cost just for being top of the range, so 1.7ghz or 1.8ghz is what you should be looking for, I personally wouldn't settle for celeron variation cpu, cache makes a major difference to performance, as for AMD, on their top range they kick intels butt in games, but when it comes to day to day application benchmarks, intel is still king, especially in the mobile market with it's good battery consumption.

    It seems I've written a rant, please ignore everything I've just said...

    Original Poster

    Thanks schizboy.

    Any other thoughts anyone - please.....

    I'd go for the Dell. At the end of the day, why would you pay for greater flexibility? I don't think you get much flexibility. The Acer isn't that much better, so it's not like you'd be able to play the latest games or do some crazy 3D modelling.

    Don't worry about the integrated graphics. Computer enthusiasts will go on and on about it, but the current ones (e.g. the one in the Dell 1300) is actually pretty decent and people are just being snobbish. Unless you plan to run a large external monitor, or play the latest 3D games, integrated is fine for office applications (e.g. word and excel), emailing and websurfing.

    Save your £50. Also, buy through quidco for further savings at Dell.
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