Laptop wifi

    hi guys

    Just had me laptop from dell

    whats the easiest and cheapest way to link it up to the net, im on ntl broadband with just one main computer at the mo running direct from the bog stantard ntl modem

    thanks guys



    You can only use WiFi at certain places, called "HotSpots". You can pay to use the BT ones at places like airports and McDonalds, but some internet cafes and hotels let you use it for free when you use their services.

    If you just mean that you want to set up a wireless home network then you'll need a wireless router. You will be able to use the laptop on the internet anywhere in your own home, but you'll still need to pay the NTL charge for the broadband service. Is this what you were after? If so we'll find you a cheap price for a decent wireless router (a bit less than £50 at the moment).

    yeah invest in a wireless router. You may need to invest in a network card for you main pc if you haven't already got one for it. Or you could get a wireless card/dongle for it.

    Your laptop will obviously be able to connect wirelessly to the internet via the router.

    Download ************ and see if you can pick up other wireless networks in your area, you never know, they may be unsecured so you could use their networks to get internet access - it's very naughty though

    >>Mod Edit: Link removed, because as you've said - it's very naughty.<<

    The software itself is not naughty - I was refering to using someone elses connection!

    netstumbler is very useful for troubleshooting and signal strength testing when it comes to setting up your own wireless networks. I use it all the time at client sites!

    You'd be hard pressed to find a better or easier to set up wireless router than a LinkSys WRT54g

    LynkSys WRT54g Router at Amazon.Co.UK

    No problems with mine and if your Dell is already equipped with WiFi card, you'll only need to use a wired rj45 lead to the router from the cable modem.

    The cable to router lead is included with the above by the way.

    Original Poster

    Ok think thats coverd it.

    basicly i wanted to set up a wireless network around me home .

    Thanks guys


    How computer savvy are you?

    There are two issues with wireless home networking:
    1 - security
    Because otherwise you will have scrooge "leaching" your connection speed. Although He may not realise that this has been deemed a criminal offence…stm

    and 2 connectivity

    It is a really, really basic piece of information but... place your router out of the corner of the room. The walls act like partial mirrors and all the reflected radio signals cause interference. This means you lose connection, bad transfer speeds. You start thinking you've been sold some rubbish kit...and all of these problems I fixed by moving my router about 2m away from the corner of the room :oops:

    Good guide for basic installation…htm

    A bit more detail…tml

    Happy deal hunting


    Hey that's very useful information christt! Thanks

    James - if you're interested…tml

    just sell the PCMCIA card on ebay for some fast cashback.


    Original Poster

    thanks christt

    just orrdeingone now... and ur links were very helpful

    Thanks Again... James

    Anytime sir

    My invoice will arrive shortly

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