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    Having a few problems with my Windows 7 Laptop. Purchased it on windows 7 but wanted to dual boot to windows xp too. Got a partition installed and got xp running all ok (borrowed a cd from a friend)
    But couldn't dual boot as it was always turning on to windows xp so installed a dual boot manager. Thats where things started going wrong.
    I got a dual boot manager installed and now I get an error everytime I boot the laptop:

    Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
    Please re-install a copy of the above file.

    The laptop will not boot into any OS and I am stuck on this message ^^

    I dont have any recovery disks at all. Just a Windows XP install disk.
    No Windows 7 CD's. Can anyone help?


    Have you tried safe mode?

    If not safe mode, can you get to command prompt by mashing the F8 key and selecting 'repair my computer' then, at command prompt. type "sfc /scannow".

    Is the error appearing before you get the OS boot selection or only when you try to boot XP?

    always had problem with these, waste alot of time trying to repair windows and not always works.
    save yourself time and do a clean install.

    get a genuine windows 7 install dick from ebay around £30…t=0
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    tried safe mode, doesnt work
    wont give me the option of repair my computer ?? can you elaborate?

    The dual boot manager doesnt work properly, it will only let me boot into "Windows (default)" - dont even know which OS it is

    and I ideally wanted to keep what I have on my hard drive?

    a windows 7 boot/install cd should be able to take care of this with the repair option

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    a windows 7 boot/install cd should be able to take care of this with the … a windows 7 boot/install cd should be able to take care of this with the repair option

    going to order off ebay and now see what I can do
    thanks guys

    Are you sure booting into Windows XP is what you require? For any legacy support I've always found that a virtual machine is an easier solution and saves having to shut down the computer to swap as you can literally run the 2 things side by side.

    As to getting a boot CD off ebay. Don't bother, just find another computer and burner drive and download a legit (and legal copy) to burn to disk that's bootable. You do not need to buy a special disk to do this. You can even (if the computer is new enough) use a USB drive to do it all. It's very easy to do and just requires the time to download and burn the disk rather than the couple of days an ebay sourced CD will take.


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    D/L Windows 7 from here:…nks

    Using another computer, make it bootable and use your license key.

    Have you deleted your recovery partition ?

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    got the windows working now with a windows 7 cd so thank you for that
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