Laptop with DVI (or HDMI)

Hi there,

Im currently looking for a laptop, all i will use it for is World of warcraft really. DVI is a must since i have it connected to my 37" 1080p screen. Have had trouble finding laptops with DVI for a good price tho.
Was hoping to get one as cheap as possible, but im willing to pay if its a good deal.

Thx for your help

Also i know some dell laptops have DVI but i can never see it on there webpage, anyone know how to tell if its DVI or VGA?


I'd say laptops with HDMI are not that desirable at the moment, even the one chris_b found. Dell don't seem to be making it an advertising point.
If HDMI is more expensive then go for a DVI because you can easily use a DVI -> HDMI adapter. I use one.

what if it has s video or vga cant u get adapters for them

Yea you can get adaptors for VGA too, not sure about the quality though.
Haven't ever seen a laptop with just a s-video port, normally at least a VGA or DVI (both of which you can get DVI/HDMI adapters for).

i have svideo and vga
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