Laptop With HDMI - Decent spec - Any Deals ... up to £700

    Looking for a laptop for a friend, with a decent dual core spec and at least 2 gb of ram - preferably more

    He is looking to pay anything up to £700 but i said he is probably looking at paying less as that is quite a hefty price for a laptop.

    It must have HDMI port on it as he does intend to watch dvd's etc on it via a 40inch screen.

    Blu Ray isnt essential as he already has a PS3 which is attached to a different LCD screen


    The Dell XPS M1330 has a HDMI port on it and if he looks at Dell Outlet then you can get one for under £700 with the spec above, I got mine for £550 a month or two ago.

    Dell Studio 15 and 17 both have HDMI ports as do the XPS M1530 and M1330 all of which are available under £700.
    Get him to take a look at the Dell website and see what he likes the look of before you try going any further, buying for a friend is a minefield.

    I have this Acer one (I paid £700) and I love it...and it's only £550. They do lesser spec versions but not sure if they come with HDMI…20G
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